28-2/1-3 Preparation in Libreville

After checking into hotel Tropicana, opposite the airport and immediately on the Libreville beach, I went to look for Bas Huijbregts at the WWF office in town. I had had frequent e-mail contact with him in the past. He is responsible for protecting the forest and had been an advisor to the WWF Minkebe project for a number of years. He has been on expeditions in Minkebe. He would come to the Tropicana in the evening to discuss the details of our plan.

We mainly discussed possible routes and scenarios for following these routes. This involved which sections we would travel by boat and which on foot, who we would take as guide, boatman, helper, porter, what equipment, how much food, etc. According to Bas we would take a lot of spectacular photos. In the afternoon I collected the special permission for access to Minkebe from the Directorat de la Faune et Chasse (DFC). This was free. But this might well change. The request for permission had to be made in advance in writing before our departure from the Netherlands. Hervé Ndong Allogho from WWF Minkebe helped with this.


Strand at the Tropicana